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Family:Dabbling Ducks
Scientific Name: Anas strepera
Description:Drab brown from a distance, the male has a black rump with white patches near the rear of the wing, a dull red patch on the forewing and intricate patterns on its body feathers. The medium-sized female is mottled brown with a white patch near the rear of the wing. Sometimes called “gray duck.”
Habit:Found in lakes and ponds but uses naturally flooded areas and flooded agricultural fields. A gadwall’s diet is mostly aquatic vegetation, so they often can be seen feeding in deep water. They nest in the north-central U.S. and central Canada’s Prairie Pothole Region. Females lay 7-12 eggs in a small nest in fields, meadows or islands. Gadwalls nest later than most other duck species.
State Occurrence: Statewide during winter but most common in the Mississippi River Delta.
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