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Name:Flathead Snake
Family:Woodland Snakes
Scientific Name: Tantilla gracilis
Description:Scales smooth. A small, light brown, tan or red-brown snake with a salmon pink belly. The head is dark brown or gray. Young resemble adults. Adults 7-8 inches in length.
Range:Ozark Plateau, Ouachita Mountains, Coastal Plain, and one known locality from Crowley’s Ridge. Absent from Mississippi Delta.
Habits and Habitat:A burrowing snake, it is active from March-October. Found in rocky, open forests or pastures, or in upland mixed pine-hardwood forests. Mating occurs in spring; 1-4 eggs are laid in moist soil under rocks or logs. Eggs hatch August-September. Feeds on scorpions, spiders, centipedes and insect larvae.
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Suzanne Collins