About this Species 

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Name:Eastern and Western Worm Snake
Family:Woodland Snakes
Scientific Name: Carphophis amoenus & Carphophis vermis
Description:Shiny, smooth scales. Eastern worm snake: uniform brown above, belly and one to two scale rows above are pink. Western worm snake: purplish black or black above, belly and three scale rows above are pink. Head is flattened to aid in burrowing. Young resemble adults. Adults 7-11 inches in length.
Range:Crowley’s Ridge, Ozark Plateau, Ouachita Mountains and western Coastal Plain.
Habits and Habitat:Inhabits forests, rocky, wooded hillsides and forest edges. Active from March-November, breeds in spring and fall, lays 1-5 eggs which hatch in August. Feeds exclusively on earthworms. A few scattered records exist from the Mississippi Delta, but most of the suitable habitat in this region has been cleared for agriculture.
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Suzanne Collins