About this Species 

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Name:Eastern Wild Turkey
Scientific Name: Meleagris gallopavo
Habits and Habitat:Turkeys need a variety of habitats close to each other to fulfill their seasonal requirements. In late spring and summer, open areas with leafy vegetation offers bugging habitat for poults. In fall and winter, woodlands offer food and shelter. In early spring, woodlands with interspersed open areas and thick ground cover are essential for breeding displays and nesting habitat.
Habit:Male turkeys (gobblers) use their gobbles to announce to hens that they are the dominant bird in the area. Often, they can be found getting into gobbling matches with any other turkeys in the area. They also will sound off to any loud noise, including thunder, train horns and car doors slamming.
The wild turkey is separated into six recognized subspecies. Arkansas is home to the Eastern subspecies.
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