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Name:Eastern Spotted Skunk
Scientific Name: Spilogale putorius
The spotted skunk is slightly bigger than a large squirrel. Its fur is black with patches of white and its long, bushy tail is tipped in white.

Spotted skunks live in a variety of habitats such as open fields, fencerows and forest edges. They prefer areas with natural rock crevices for den sites. They are nocturnal and forage for insects, birds, small mammals and plants. When defending itself, the skunk performs a series of handstands as a warning, drops on all fours, lifts its tail and sprays its musk. Females give birth to 4 or 5 young in June.

It is assumed to occur statewide and is thought to be more common in the Interior Highlands. More research is required to determine the abundance of this species.

If you believe that you have captured or taken a photo of a spotted skunk, please contact Blake Sasse at Blake.Sasse@agfc.ar.gov.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is looking for people interested in using their own game cameras as part of a study to determine the current distribution of the spotted skunk in Arkansas. Click here to volunteer.
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Mundy Hackett