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Name:Eastern Hognose Snake
Family:Terrestrial Snakes
Scientific Name: Heterodon platirhinos
Description:A stocky snake with upturned snout. Highly variable ground color can be tan, black, olive, yellow, red-orange or gray. Can be uniform in color or have a series of 20-30 brown or black blotches on back and bands on the tail. Belly can be gray, yellow, olive or red, mottled with green-gray or gray. Young patterned with brightly colored tan, yellow, brown or orange blotches. Adults average 20-33 inches in length.
Range:Statewide, but very localized populations.
Habits and Habitat:Found in a variety of habitats with sandy or loose soil. Active by day from March-October. Breeds April-May and lays 5-30 eggs that hatch August-September. Eats toads and frogs. When threatened will flatten head and neck, hiss and strike with mouth closed. Then it may writhe about, roll over and play dead.
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Suzanne Collins