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Name:Eastern Chipmunk
Scientific Name: Tamias striatus
The chipmunk is a small squirrel with large cheek pouches and a flattened, bushy tail. Its fur is reddish brown on its back with black and white stripes and a reddish rump patch.

Chipmunks are found in rocky, wooded ravines and in brushy woodlands that have shelter and lookout posts on fallen logs, rock piles and old stone fences. They dig burrows at the base of old stumps and among tree roots or rocks. Chipmunks are active during the day and forage for seeds, nuts and other plant items. They use their cheek pouches to carry food into their burrows to store for a winter food supply. Females can have 2 litters of 4 or 5 young a year.

Chipmunks are found in the Interior Highlands and are not common throughout their range.
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Eric Dresser