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Name:Eastern Box Turtle
Scientific Name: Terrapene carolina
Description:This land turtle can grow as long as 6 inches. The top shell (carapace) is usually yellowish brown, sometimes with pale lines. The bottom shell has hinges at the neck and tail. Legs may have yellow or orange spots and each hind foot has three or four toes. The head is brown, may have red streaks and has a hooked beak. Females have brown eyes; males may have red eyes.
Habit:Box turtles are active from early April through October. They stay in grassy areas in spring and early fall, and move into forests to burrow for winter. They eat almost anything: insects, small mammals and reptiles, eggs, dead animals, roots, stems, leaves and fruit. Females dig nests in open areas and lay more than 40 leathery eggs during a season. They spend their lives in one area and can live to be more than 70 years old.
State Occurrence: Statewide.
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Eric Maynard