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Name:Diamondback Water Snake
Family:Water Snakes
Scientific Name: Nerodia rhombifer
Description:Keeled scales. Head and body can be light brown, yellowish or olive. A series of black crossbars with light edges forms a chain-like pattern on the back. The belly is cream or yellowish with scattered black or brown crescent-shaped spots. Young are patterned like adults. Adults average 30-48 inches in length.
Range:Coastal Plain, Mississippi Delta and the valleys of the Arkansas and White rivers.
Habits and Habitat:Found in a variety of wetland habitats: swamps, sloughs, marshes, oxbow lakes, rivers and streams. Active March-October; active at night during hot weather. Breeds April-May; 13-62 young are born August-October. Eats fish and amphibians. Like other water snakes, when threatened it will flatten the head, bite viciously and discharge a foul-smelling musk from the vent.
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Suzanne Collins