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Name:Copperhead Snake
Family:Venomous Snakes
Scientific Name: Agkistrodon contrortix
Description:Pit viper, keeled scales. Gray, tan or light brown, with 7-20 dark brown, light-edged, hourglassshaped crossbands. Head can be gray, brown or reddish. Belly is cream-colored with dark gray, brown or black blotches. Young resemble adults, except tail tip is bright yellow or greenish yellow. Adults 24-36 inches in length.
Habits and Habitat:Occurs in mixed pine-hardwood forests, bottomland hardwood forests, and rocky or brushy fields and hillsides. Active April-November; prowls at night during hot weather. Two to 14 young born August-September. Primarily eats rodents. Also eats frogs, lizards, small snakes and cicadas. Young copperheads and cottonmouths use yellow tail tip as a lure to attract prey.
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Suzanne Collins