About this Species 

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Name:Common Goldeneye
Family:Diving Ducks
Scientific Name: Bucephala clangula
Description:Medium-sized duck with a large head and gold eyes. Drakes are white with black back, blackish-green head and circular white spots on the cheeks. Hens are gray with a rusty brown head and a white collar around the neck.
Habit:Goldeneyes feed on aquatic invertebrates and occasionally on small fish and vegetation. They nest across northern North America from Alaska to the Atlantic Coast. Hens nest in tree cavities or nest boxes and lay 5-16 greenish eggs. Goldeneyes sometimes lay their eggs in other ducks’ nests.
State Occurrence: Goldeneyes are some of the last ducks to migrate south during winter and can be found on any large lake or river until ice forces them south.
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