About this Species 

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Name:Coachwhip Snake
Family:Terrestrial Snakes
Scientific Name: Masticophis flagellum
Description:Smooth scales. A large, slender snake. Forward two-thirds of body is black, hind portion of body is tan or red-brown. Sometimes entire body is black. Belly may be yellow, tan, brown or pink. Young patterned with dark brown crossbands against a tan or yellow-brown background on the fore portion of body. Adults average 42-60 inches in length.
Range:Almost statewide; absent from Mississippi Delta.
Habits and Habitat:Found in open forests, rocky glades and grasslands. Active on sunny days from April-October. Breeds in April-May; 8-24 eggs are laid in June or early July and hatch in August-September. Coachwhips are not constrictors. They chase down prey, subdue it with powerful jaws and swallow it whole. Mice, lizards, snakes and birds are eaten.