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Family:Diving Ducks
Scientific Name: Bucephala albeola
Description:This little duck has a small, gray bill. Males are mostly white with a bluish-black head and a large, bushy, white crest from cheek to cheek. The back and wings are black, with large, white wing patches in flight. Females are mostly brown with white cheek patches and gray sides. The name is a corruption of “buffalo head.”
Habit:Buffleheads often form large “rafts” that float together. They eat insects, crustaceans and mollusks, as well as some seeds. They nest from southern Alaska through the forested areas of western Canada. Ninety percent of the population breeds from Manitoba westward. Female buffleheads lay an average of 9 eggs in nests made in tree cavities near lakes or deep ponds.
State Occurrence: At home in open-water lakes and large rivers across Arkansas during winter.
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Female and male