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Name:Brown Snake
Family:Woodland Snakes
Scientific Name: Storeria dekayi
Description:Scales keeled. Color can vary from light yellow-brown, gray, red-brown, to dark brown. Light gray or brown stripe down center of back, bordered by two rows of black, brown or dark gray spots. Belly can be cream-colored, pink or yellow. Top of head is dark with two large black spots on either side of neck. Young patterned like adults, but darker. Adults average 9-13 inches in length.
Habits and Habitat:Prefers moist environments of forests, woodland edge, swamps and floodplains. Active late March-October, breeds in spring or fall and gives birth to 3-31 young from late July-September. Feeds on earthworms, slugs and land snails. Blunt heads and elongated teeth allow brown and redbelly snakes to extract land snails from their shells.
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Suzanne Collins