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Name:Broad-banded Water Snake
Family:Water Snakes
Scientific Name: Nerodia fasciata
Description:Keeled scales. Body has 11-17 broad, irregularly shaped dark brown, reddish brown or black crossbands, separated by yellow, orange or yellowish gray. Belly is yellow or cream-colored with large dark brown or reddish-brown blotches. Young are patterned like adults, but more brightly colored. Adults average 22-36 inches in length.
Range:Mississippi Delta and Coastal Plain; also found in areas of eastern Ozark and Ouachita mountains.
Habits and Habitat:A lowland water snake of swamps, oxbow lakes, sloughs, ponds and sluggish streams. Active late March-October. Breeds April-May and gives birth to 7-40 young in July-August. It feeds on fish, frogs and tadpoles. Like other water snakes, it basks on brush or driftwood piles in or near water.
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Suzanne Collins