About this Species 

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Scientific Name: Lepomis macrochirus
Range:Almost statewide.
Habits and Habitat:Bluegill, among the larger sunfish, thrive in still, warm water such as ponds and small lakes. They have been widely stocked in farm ponds. Spawning begins in May and can last until July; nests are built close together. Males guard eggs but not free-swimming fry. Bluegill eat insects, crayfish and small fish.
Fish Fact: Bluegill and largemouth bass evolved together in the big rivers and oxbows of the U.S. and have a dynamic relationship. When their numbers are in balance, bluegill feed bass and bass keep bluegill from overpopulating.
As A Group:Bream fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Arkansas. Since bluegill are colonial, once an angler finds one, he has found many.
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Joe Tomelleri