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Name:Blue-winged Teal
Family:Dabbling Ducks
Scientific Name: Anas discors
Description:A small, fast-flying duck. Both sexes are brownish gray all over with black bills, yellow-orange feet and legs, and powder-blue wing patches. Males have a crescent-shaped white patch on their cheeks.
Habit:Teal can be found anywhere there is water, from natural wetlands such as shallow ponds or the edges of open water, to flooded agricultural fields. Teal feed on vegetation, seeds, grains and aquatic bugs. They nest all over North America, with highest numbers in the Prairie Pothole Region. Females lay 6-14 white eggs in a nest made from a depression in the ground, lined with grass and down. Nests usually are in grassy areas near water.
State Occurrence: Blue-winged teal can be seen statewide but are most common in the Mississippi River Delta in early fall and late winter.
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Female and male