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Name:Black-tailed Jackrabbit
Scientific Name: Lepus californicus

The black-tailed jackrabbit was once found throughout the northwest part of Arkansas, primarily in Benton, Carroll, Madison, Washington, Franklin, Sebastian and Logan Counties. However, probably due to a change in farming practices, the jackrabbit is now rare in Arkansas and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission asks citizens to report any jackrabbit sightings in the state to Blake.Sasse@agfc.ar.gov.

Black-tailed jackrabbits reside in prairies, pastures, hay meadows, orchards, and in cultivated areas before crops grow too tall. They typically avoid cover greater than 2 feet tall, and are most active at dusk and daybreak when they travel to feeding sites. Jackrabbits are easily distinguished from cottontail and swamp rabbits by their extremely long ears and large hind legs. Jackrabbits are 18-26 inches long, weigh 4-8 lbs, and have 4-7 inch long ears and are about twice as large as a cottontail rabbit. Jackrabbits move with a bounding gait and may jump up to three feet in the air and over nine feet in distance.

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