About this Species 

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Name:Black-bellied Whistling Duck
Family:Whistling Ducks
Scientific Name: Dendrocygna autumnalis
Description:A medium-sized duck with a long neck and long, pink legs that appears to be a cross between a duck and a goose. Reddish chest and back with a gray face, red bill and black belly. Like other whistling ducks, they are identified by a high-pitched, whistling call. Males and females are similar. Also called “black-bellied tree duck.”
Habit:The whistling duck may be seen perching in wetland trees. They feed on aquatic plants, grain, insects and mollusks. Nests throughout the South from Texas to Florida and south to South America. Usually nests in tree cavities and wood duck boxes.
State Occurrence: Found year-round in habitat similar to that of a wood duck. Common in forested wetlands, especially those with cavity trees. This species has spread from southwestern Arkansas throughout the state.
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