About this Species 

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Name:American Black Duck
Family:Dabbling Ducks
Scientific Name: Anas rubripes
Description:Black ducks are about the same size as mallards. Drakes and hens share colors with mallard hens, but their plumage is slightly darker. They have blue wing patches and the bottoms of their wings are bright white. Drakes have yellow to green bills; hens have olive bills.
Habit:Black ducks visit a variety of wetland habitats while traveling through Arkansas on their way to the Gulf Coast. They feed on seeds, plants, grain, aquatic insects, crustaceans and some fish. Black ducks nest from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, north to Hudson Bay. Hens lay 1-17 greenish eggs in nests built of vegetation and lined with down, found along edges of heavy cover.
State Occurrence: Black ducks – though rare – may be seen statewide. Several hundred are seen in the state each year, mostly in the Mississippi Delta.
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