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Name:Alligator Gar
Scientific Name: Atractosteus spatula
Range:Lives primarily in the Mississippi, Arkansas and Red rivers. Sometimes found in the lower St. Francis, White and Ouachita rivers.
Habits and Habitat:Likes sluggish pools and backwater areas of big rivers. Feeds on fish and spawns in spring. Little is known about its life history.
Fish Fact: Alligator gar were once an important sport and commercial fish in Arkansas, although the population has declined drastically in the last 50 years. Known as a vicious fighter. The state rod-and-reel record as of 2006 was 215 pounds.
As A Group:Gars belong to the family Lepisosteidae. Four species are found in Arkansas – alligator, longnose, spotted and shortnose gar – and five species live in the U.S.
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Joe Tomelleri