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Name:Kenny Vernon Nature Trail and Bell Slough Wildlife Management Area
Type:Hiking Trail
County Coverage:Faulkner
Driving Directions:
From Interstate 40, take exit 135 at Mayflower and turn south on Arkansas Highway 365. Go three miles to Grassy Lake Road, watch for signs, and continue over the bridge to the WMA parking lot.

Wildlife Viewing
The two loops of the nature trail, 2.25 miles, provide interpretive signs, observation blinds and lookouts throughout the WMA’s habitats. At least 35 resident bird species and perhaps 75 species during summer have been counted. Fall and winter are best for waterfowl on Grassy Lake.

Year-round residents include the pileated woodpecker and red-shouldered hawk. Breeding birds include prothonotary warbler; wood duck; broad-winged hawk; yellow-billed cuckoo; barred owl; great-crested and Acadian flycatcher; white-eyed, yellow-throated and red-eyed vireo; black-and-white and Kentucky warbler; common yellowthroat; yellow-breasted chat; summer tanager; and orchard and northern oriole.

Summer is best for reptiles and amphibians, with numerous turtles, frogs and toads to be seen. Also watch for white-tailed deer and other mammals such as beavers, muskrats and swamp rabbits.

Many blooming wildflowers can be seen from February and until November.

Bell Slough WMA, 2,050 acres, is a mix of moist-soil wetlands, bottomland hardwood forest, prairie, and upland hardwood/pine forest. The wetlands are managed as a waterfowl rest area, with water control structures that allow the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission to seasonally flood and gradually drain the land to attract waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds.

Bell Slough Wildlife Management Area, (501) 470-1690 or (877) 470-3650.

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