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In our continuing effort to help you manage those animals that may be troublesome, we have created a list of publications and websites that may provide information for your particular problem.

Community Nuisance Wildlife Control


Community-Based Deer Management: A Practitioners' Guide

Managing White-Tailed Deer in Suburban Environments: A Technical Guide

How to Control Specific Nuisance Wildlife Problems


Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage


Nuisance Bats

Bats in and Around Your Home

Nuisance Bat Control Presentation

Nuisance Bat Control Operators


Instructional video on removing single bats from living areas of your home


Encountering Black Bears in Arkansas



Beaver Damage Prevention and Control Methods

Beavers and Their Control


Beaver Damage Control Techniques

Guidelines for Controlling Beavers and Preventing Roadside Damage

Avoiding Otter While Trapping Beaver and Raccoon


The Double-crested cormorant: issues and management


Urban coyote problems


Kansas State Extension

Cornell Extension


Controlling Damage by Giant Canada Geese


Controlling House Mice | University of Missouri Extension

Bait Stations for Controlling Rats and Mice | University of Missouri Extension


Iowa State University Extension

 Pig, Feral (Invasive)

Feral Hog Corral Trap Plans

Managing Wild Pigs

Estimate of herpetofauna depredation by a population of wild pigs

A Landowner's Guide for Wild Pig Management

2012 Annual State Summary Report | Wild Hog Working Group

Feral Hogs | An Epidemic and Arkansas's Worst Invasive Pest

2015 Annual State Summary Report | Wild Hog Working Group


Mississippi State University Extension | Wild Pig Info


Managing Raccoon Problems | University of Missouri Extension


University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture


Woodpeckers: Damage, Prevention and Control

I Want to Hire Somebody to Solve My Nuisance Wildlife Problems


Arkansas Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators


Arkansas Home Inspectors

Finding a Professional Wildlife Control Operator

Nuisance Wildlife Resources


Rabies In Arkansas | Arkansas Dept. of Health


Wildlife and Wildlife Pests Publications | University of Missouri Extension

Kansas State University - Wildlife Management Library

Wildlife Control Technology Magazine

The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management

USDA Wildlife Services Fact Sheets

USDA Wildlife Services Brochures

Dealing with Wildlife