Endangered Species Details 

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Name:Magazine Mountain Shagreen
Species:Mesodon megazinensis
Federal Listing:Threatened; April 17, 1989

The entire world of these half-inch terrestrial snails is 540 acres of wooded, rock-covered slopes near the summit of Mount Magazine in Logan County. No one knows how many Magazine Mountain shagreens exist nor do we know much about their life history. The snail's restricted range makes it extremely vulnerable to any land use change or habitat destruction.

Fortunately, the snail's entire range is in the Ozark National Forest, and the U. S. Forest Service has designated the snail's homeland a Special Interest Area. This designation protects the area from forest management practices that might be detrimental to the vegetation associated with the snail's habitat. This area is also being considered for classification as a Research Natural Area by the Forest Service. RNA designation would offer a higher level of protection to current habitat, as well as controlling collections, research and recreational activities in the area.
Photo Credit: Dr. Ron Caldwell