Free Publications 

The following documents are free downloadable brochures in PDF format that are easy to print. If you have a problem printing a document and would like to receive one by mail, call 501-223-6352.

 Birds and Waterfowl
Arkansas Backyard BirdsArkansas Waterfowl
The Northern BobwhiteRuby-throated Hummingbird
Eastern Bluebird Nest Box Plans
 Careers with AGFC
Becoming a Wildlife Officer
Careers with AGFC: Education DivisionCareers with AGFC: Fisheries Division
Careers with AGFC: Wildlife Management DivisionCareers with AGFC: Support Divisions
 Fish and Reptiles
Arkansas FishAmerican Alligator
Arkansas Snake GuideSorting Out Snakeheads
Arkansas Gar | Poster
 Fishing and Boating
Beginners Fishing Guide
Master Angler Program | ApplicationWading Safety Tips
Approved Aquaculture Species ListSport Fish Supplier List For Farm Pond Stocking
Bream BasicsAngling Ethics
Arkansas State Record Fish | Information and ApplicationFarm Pond Management for Recreational Fishing
Stock Enhancement as a Fishery Management Tool for Largemouth BassFishing 101
 Hunting and Trapping
Hunting Snow GeeseField Dressing and Skinning Deer
How to Tan a Deer HideProcessing Deer
ATV Safety for HuntersBoating Safety for Hunters
Hunting with KidsHunting Safety and Ethics
Trapper Education ManualA Wildlife Biologist's View of Trapping
Treestand Safety for HuntersTurkey Hunting Safety
Harvest Information Program | Are You HIP?
What Do Deer Eat?
Elk in ArkansasBlack Bears
Building Bat HousesWild Hogs: Frequently Asked Questions
Poison Ivy FactsArkansas Under Attack | Invasive Species Alert
 Wild Game and Fish Recipes
Recipes | Venison Vittles Recipes | Fish Favorites
Recipes | Delectable DucksRecipes | Fast Food for Hunters
Recipes | Made with Dove
Arkansas Birds Coloring Book
Arkansas Fish Coloring BookArkansas Mammals Coloring Book
Mud Bugs | All About Arkansas Crayfish Activity Book