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Listen to Steve "Wildman" Wilson as he talks about everything outdoors. Click on a title to listen. or right-click and choose "save as" to download the latest episode of Call of the Wild to your iPod or MP3 player and take it with you to the lake or woods.

 Call of the Wild
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation02/08/2014 MP342.36Mb
Eagles Et Cetera01/10/2014 MP342.94Mb
Christmas12/20/2013 MP343.37Mb
Fall Fishing11/16/2013 MP341.87Mb
It's Opening Day!11/09/2013 MP343.82Mb
Get Your Goose11/02/2013 MP345.00Mb
Ask a Wildlife Officer10/26/2013 MP344.31Mb
Muzzleloader Season Begins10/19/2013 MP343.54Mb
Antlerless Deer Opener10/12/2013 MP343.85Mb
Elk-viewing Opportunities10/05/2013 MP344.79Mb
Bucks and Ducks09/28/2013 MP344.12Mb
Fall Features09/21/2013 MP346.24Mb
Events on the Outdoors09/14/2013 MP346.10Mb
Archery Around the Corner09/07/2013 MP342.80Mb
Recruiting the next generation08/24/2013 MP343.97Mb
Fall is Right Around the Corner08/17/2013 MP343.07Mb
Get Ready and Share the Hunt08/03/2013 MP345.22Mb
Hunter Safety07/27/2013 MP345.30Mb
Summer School07/13/2013 MP344.39Mb
The Next Generation07/06/2013 MP349.12Mb
Boating Safety on the Fourth of July06/29/2013 MP343.38Mb
Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza06/22/2013 MP346.05Mb
Fathers Day Fellowship06/15/2013 MP343.80Mb
Wounded Warriors and Hunters Feeding the Hungry06/01/2013 MP345.07Mb
Delicious Dutch Ovens05/25/2013 MP342.76Mb
Deer Discussion05/18/2013 MP344.62Mb
How's Your Habitat05/11/2013 MP346.74Mb
Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports05/04/2013 MP346.08Mb
Watchable Wildlife04/27/2013 MP342.95Mb
Spring Fishing Roundup04/13/2013 MP342.48Mb
 Outdoor Report
Well, I have some good news, and some not so good news for you today. I’ll tell you what both of those are when I come back right after this short break. I’ll be right back.04/25/2016 MP30.53Mb
Outdoor Report Promo06/24/2010 WAV1.07Mb
 Public Service Announcements
AGFC Books for Christmas PSA10/26/2015 MP3492.6kb
Tree Stand Safety | 110/21/2015 MP31.15Mb
Tree Stand Safety | 210/21/2015 MP31.15Mb
Arkansas Atlas and Gazeteer PSA10/04/2011 MP3468.2kb
Turn In Poachers PSA10/04/2011 MP3464.1kb
Arkansas Outdoors Newsletter PSA10/04/2011 MP3485.3kb
Lifejacket PSA06/04/2011 MP30.92Mb
Bag It - Tag It | Tagging game in the field06/10/2010 WAV1.19Mb
Blaze Orange | Hunter Safety06/10/2010 WAV1.19Mb
Deer Hunting | Safety06/10/2010 WAV1.39Mb
Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Website06/10/2010 WAV1.34Mb
Wildlife Hotline 06/10/2010 WAV1.28Mb