Our Current Issue - September/October 2015

Arkansas's Whitetail Balancing Act
The pat to white-tailed deer management in Arkansas had a rough start, but a balanced population and a strong strategy give hunters a bright outlook.

Journey of a Lifetime
To reach the dam below DeGray Lake, slender eels must travel almost 3,000 miles through oceans and winding rivers, dodging predators and other dangers.

Monticello Garden Club
At its peak, Lake Monticello drew anglers from across the country - now an AGFC aquatic plant project is in the works to restore its reputation for big bass.

Plow Pulled Prairie Chickens Under
When the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission began in 1915, immediate matters included restoring deer, turkey, ducks, bears - and prairie chickens.

Waterfowl Exhibit Splashes Down in Pyramid
Conservationists who enjoy duck and goose hunting will be entertained by a new exhibit in Memphis with plenty of historical connections to Arkansas.


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Article Archive

Act 124: Conservation Comes to Arkansas

By the time the AGFC was created, it was almost too late - too late for game fish, too late for white-tailed deer and too late for sportsmen who were watching species disappear.

View Article | PDF | 268.4kb

35 and 75: Amendment Milestones

Along with Act 124, two amendments to the Arkansas Constitution - approved during general elections in the 1940s and 1990s - shaped the agency and made it more stable.

View Article | PDF | 170.6kb

Sept./Oct. 2014 - Air Superiority

A breed of air gun made for more than pop cans and paper targets is getting attention from recreational shooters and small game hunters.

View Article | PDF | 2.05Mb

Sept./Oct. 2014 - Salamanders

"Spring lizards" live all over Arkansas - but they're not actually lizards.

View Article | PDF | 2.11Mb

May/June 2014 - Bobber Watchers and Bug Eaters

Most anglers cut their fishing teeth chasing bream with a cricket and a cane pole - the simplest way to have a good time outdoors.

View Article | PDF | 6.22Mb

May/June 2014 - Getting Their Bearings

Arkansas bear cubs are exploring the slopes and chasms, and swamps and bottomlands, as they emerge from dens shared with their mothers.

View Article | PDF | 7.30Mb

March/April 2014 -Saving for a Sunny Day

Arkansas is drawing up a plan for its water supply, which irrigates crops, provides drinking water, powers transportation and fills rivers.

View Article | PDF | 2.08Mb

March/April 2014 - Take to the Timber

Arkansas's flooded hardwood forests aren't just more places to hunt ducks; they can create experiences in the outdoors like no other places.

View Article | PDF | 1.05Mb

May/June 2013 - Waves of Wildlife

The Arkansas Water Trails program began when the first trail was dedicated in April 2009; now six trails cover 63 miles and more are coming.

View Article | PDF | 1.47Mb

May/June 2013 - Delta Blues

The biggest blues in Helena aren't at the King Biscuit Blues Festival; they live just beyond the levee in the river made famous by Southern musicians.

View Article | PDF | 1.02Mb

March/April 2013 - Beginning to Gobble

A veteran turkey hunter offers clues, tips and tricks for those who are just beginning to chase gobblers as spring brings another opportunity.

View Article | PDF | 1.55Mb

January/February 2013 - Specks Stealing Scenes From Stars

Goose hunting - especially white-fronted goose hunting - is beginning to play a much bigger role in The Natural State's waterfowl drama.

View Article | PDF | 0.98Mb

January/February 2013 - An Uncertain Hour

As Robert Ortman worked his climbing stand toward the ground, the latch that held the cable around the tree gave way, turning his world upside down.

View Article | PDF | 1.06Mb

November/December 2012 - Some Things Never Change

The canoe is such a solid boat that the only mistake is putting it away when summer's over.

View Article | PDF | 0.99Mb

November/December 2012 - Start Small

Squirrels are the perfect gateway game species for introducting youths to a lifelong love of hunting.

View Article | PDF | 1.02Mb

September/October 2012 - ARE You Angling for Fun?

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Aquatic Resources Education program makes it easy to get a view of Arkansas's aquatic critters.

View Article | PDF | 0.94Mb

September/October 2012 - Deer Hunting's Sweet 16

You can get a deer practically anywhere in Arkansas, but biologists are enhancing 16 special areas to become showcases in management.

View Article | PDF | 2.69Mb

March/April 2012 Issue - Reborn on the Bayou

Frog Bayou Wildlife Management Area is less than 10 years old but it's already a rising star to waterfowl hunters in the Arkansas River Valley.

View Article | PDF | 0.72Mb

March/April 2012 Issue - Nurturing Nature

Feeling the need to help injured or homeless animals is part of being human, but very few people take it to the level of a wildlife rehabilitator.

View Article | PDF | 478.4kb

January/February 2012 Issue

This issue is full of waterfowl- and conservation-rich stories, including a story of survival during a tragic duck hunting accident, the decline of the Ozark Hellbender to endangered status and a look into Natural Resource Conservation Service programs.

View Article | PDF | 7.16Mb

November/December 2011 Issue

A look back at 30 years of elk in Arkansas, preservation of valuable historical sites and insight into how fisheries biologists keep our lakes at their prime are all included in this issue.

View Article | PDF | 3.67Mb

September/October 2011 Issue

Click here for a few sample articles from our September/October 2011 issue.

View Article | PDF | 1.46Mb

May/June 2011

Click here for a sample article from our May/June 2011 issue.

View Article | PDF | 1.02Mb

March/April 2011 Issue

Click here for a sample article from our March/April 2011 issue.

View Article | PDF | 0.77Mb

January/February 2011 Issue

Shed hunting is a great way to spend winter afield when it's too cold for other outdoors pursuits.

View Article | PDF | 1.06Mb

Winter 1967-Spring 1968

Vol. 1, Issue 2 of Arkansas Game and Fish Magazine is now online for your enjoyment.

View Article | PDF | 2.36Mb

Spring 1967 Issue

Click here to download the first issue of Arkansas Wildlife. It was a quarterly magazine named Arkansas Game and Fish and was 32 pages long.

View Article | PDF | 2.34Mb

Maumelle Makeover

View Article | PDF | 1.54Mb