WMA Waterfowl Permit Hunts 

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Waterfowl Permit Hunts on WMAs

Three WMAs conduct permit hunts for waterfowl on certain days.




Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA and Deer Research Area West Unit (Youth Only)

Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms WMA

  • From Nov. 19-27, 2016, Dec. 8-23, 2016, and Dec. 26, 2016-Jan. 29, 2017, Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms WMA is open for waterfowl hunting only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Anyone entering flooded areas must have a signed Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms Waterfowl Hunting Daily Use Permit on their person.
    • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, non-restricted permits are available at the parking area at the end of Cypert Road (south of headquarters), the east end of Jones Island Road (Cypert Tract) and boat ramps A and B. Hunters are not restricted to designated locations on these days.
    • On Saturdays and Sundays, a limited number of permits will be available by drawing. Permits will be for designated locations. The permit drawing will take place at the area headquarters two hours before legal shooting time. There may be a total of four hunters per party for each designated hole drawn.
    • Five permits, one mobility-impaired blind permit and one youth blind permit will be available through online drawing. For more information about the online draw and to apply, visit https://ar-web.s3licensing.com/.
    • All permits must be carried while hunting, completed and returned to the collection box at the end of the hunt.
    • Permits are not required during the Youth Waterfowl Hunt except for the youth blind permitted hole.
  • Click here for more information on Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms WMA.

Sheffield Nelson Dagmar WMA Conway George Tract

  • The Conway George Tract is closed to all access from Nov. 17 through Feb. 4, except waterfowl permit holders on Wednesdays (half-day hunting for any age) and Saturdays (all-day, youth only hunting).
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays:
    • Hunting is allowed in designated locations through online permit lottery.
    • Four hunters per party are allowed in each drawn location.
    • To apply, visit https://ar-web.s3licensing.com/.
  • Click here for more information on Sheffield Nelson Dagmar WMA.