Special Hunt Permits 

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WMA Deer and Turkey Hunt Permit

Many AGFC wildlife management areas have limited hunts for deer and turkey to better manage the wildlife on the property and provide a better hunting experience for those who draw permits. Click below to learn how to apply.

Sweet 16 WMA Hunting Permit

Sixteen wildlife management areas require hunters of any game animal to carry a valid Sweet 16 permit while on the WMA. Click below for more information about the Sweet 16 program and to get your free permit.

 Alligator Hunt Permit

The American alligator's range extends through the southern half of Arkansas. Extensive monitoring and management for the species has enabled the AGFC to offer limited alligator hunts in early fall. Click below to learn how to apply.

Elk Hunt Permit

Elk were once native to Arkansas, but overhunting and habitat conversion eliminated them from the state. Thanks to a successful reintroduction, elk again thrive in The Natural State, and the AGFC holds limited elk hunts each year. Click below to learn how to apply.

Special WMA Waterfowl Hunt Permits

Waterfowl hunting on Steve N. Wilson Raft Creek Bottoms WMA and the Conway George Tract of Sheffield Nelson Dagmar WMA is regulated by a permit draw to increase hunter success and the hunting experience for drawn hunters. Click below for more details.

Urban Archery Deer Hunt Permit

Registration for urban archery deer hunts are managed by the Arkansas Bowhunters Association  and Bull Shoals Urban Bowhunters Association. Click below for a list of approved hunts and contact information for each.  

Snow, Blue and Ross' Conservation Order

Snow, Blue and Ross' Geese are so abundant, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a special conservation order season to help reduce their populations. Click below to find out more and get your free conservation order permit.