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Deferred Hunter Education Code

The Deferred Hunter Education Code is a one-year permit that allows a person without hunter-education certification to legally hunt. A hunter may apply and use a Deferred Hunter Education Code as long as he or she:

  • is at least 16 years old and born after Dec. 31, 1968, and is not hunter-education certified;
  • is in the immediate presence of an adult who is at least 21 years of age and possesses valid hunter education certification, or who was born on or before Dec. 31, 1968;
  • Possesses a valid Arkansas hunting license;
  • Has not been convicted of or forfeited bond for prior violation of Hunter Education Certification Requirements, and 
  • is not under AGFC-sanctioned hunting privilege revocation.

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Reciprocal Agreements

Arkansas resident hunting licenses are valid on Mississippi land that lies west of the main channel of the Mississippi River. Mississippi resident hunting licenses are valid on Arkansas lands that lie east of the main channel. Resident license holders of either state may hunt migratory waterfowl on flowing waters of the Mississippi River, on waters accessible by boat from the main channel of the Mississippi River or on state-line lakes when the season is open in both states. The St. Francis, White and Arkansas rivers and their oxbows are excluded from this agreement. Floodwater is not included in this agreement. Hunters must obey the regulations of the state where they’re hunting.

Tennessee and Arkansas recognize hunting licenses of both states on the flowing waters of the Mississippi River, adjacent waters which are accessible by boat from the river proper and the old river chutes that form a common boundary. Migratory waterfowl may be hunted on these waters by a license holder of either state when the season is open in both states. Hunters may not hunt from, nor attach any device or equipment to, land under the jurisdiction of the state in which they are not licensed. Hunters must obey regulations of the state that issues the license. Wildlife management areas established by either state and the Wolf, Loosahatchie, Hatchie, Forked Deer and Obion rivers are excluded from this reciprocal agreement 

HIP Requirements

Hunters 16 or older are required to carry proof of Arkansas Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration when hunting ducks, geese, doves, coots, woodcocks, snipe, rails, gallinules or moorhens. HIP registration is free and available through any license purchasing option. Click here to purchase a license and get HIP. 

Hunter Education Requirements

Hunters born after 1968 must carry a valid hunter education card, unless ‘HE-VERIFIED’ is noted on their hunting license. Hunters under 16 do not need to have a card if they are under the direct supervision of a holder of a valid hunting license at least 21 years old. Arkansas honors the home state hunter education cards of nonresidents. Call (800) 482-5795 for a class schedule or check here.