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NameLake Greeson WMA
WMA Zone410
County CoverageHoward, Pike
It is in Pike and Howard Counties, approximately 4 miles northwest of Murfreesboro. 
Seasons and Regulations
Youth Hunt: April 8-9, 2017. Two bearded turkeys, no more than one jake.
Firearms Hunt: April 10-25, 2017. Two bearded turkeys, no jakes (youths may take one jake as part of their statewide seasonal limit).
Deer Archery: Sept. 24, 2016-Feb. 28, 2017. No dogs.
Deer Muzzleloader: Oct. 15-23 and Dec. 29-31, 2016. No dogs.
Deer Muzzleloader Mobility Impaired (permit hunt): Oct. 6-7, 2016. No dogs.
Deer Modern Gun: Nov. 12-23 (no dogs) and Nov. 26-Dec. 7 (dogs allowed), 2016.
Deer Modern Gun Special Youth Hunt: Nov. 5-6, 2016 and Jan. 7-8, 2016. No dogs
WMA Deer Bag Limit:
Four deer, no more than two bucks, which may include:
• Two bucks with archery,
• Four does with archery,
• One buck and one doe with muzzleloader,
• One buck and one doe with mobility-impaired permit,
• One buck and one doe with modern gun.
• During youth hunt, youths may take one deer, buck (no antler restrictions) or doe.
Deer Notes: Three-point rule.
Nov. 1, 2016-Feb. 5, 2017. Daily limit - 6, possession limit -12. Bird dogs allowed.
Sept. 1, 2016-Feb. 22, 2017. Daily limit - 8, possession limit - 16. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts.
May 15, 2016-Feb. 28, 2017. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts. Daily limit - 12, possession limit - 48.
Sept. 1, 2016-Feb. 21, 2017. Open Thursdays through Mondays. No limit.
  • Bear
  • Alligator
Area Notes:
  • All hunters, trappers and campers 16 years old and older (except mobility-impaired hunters hunting during the mobility-impaired permit hunt) must purchase a Lake Greeson WMA leased lands permit for $40 at any license vendor, AGFC regional office or online.
Leased Land Permit RequiredYes
This area is made up of approximately 22,000 acres of Weyerhaeuser Company land, 12,200 acres of other private land and 2,000 acres of U.S. Corps of Engineer property.
The area was established as a WMA in 1981. 
The primary objective of this management area is to provide quality wildlife habitat and public hunting opportunities. 
Typical Athens Piedmont Plateau, rolling hills intensively managed for pine production and pine/hardwood mixed composition along creeks. 

Portions of the area served as a refuge during the early 60’s and the area now provides approximately 38,000 acres for public recreation. 
Access points on the west can be found along Hwy 369 between Nashville and Newhope, while from the north, Weyerhaeuser Rd 25520 off of Hwy 70 leads onto the area. From Murfreesboro, take Hwy 19 to Narrows Dam and follow the signs to the Parker Creek Campground, located within the management area in the western shore of the lake.
Hunting Opportunities
Deer, quail, turkey, squirrel, and rabbits. This area is known for producing large bucks. See Current Regulations Book for seasons and permit requirements. 
Management Practices
Wildlife management practices are integrated with timber management practices to provide quality wildlife habitat and hunting opportunities. These management practices provide substantial open land habitats and stimulate excellent browse production. Several food plots are planted throughout the area and along the lake to supplement natural browse. 
Recreation Other Than Hunting
Lake Greeson offers good fishing opportunities and the Little Missouri River below the dam offers excellent cool season trout fishing and smallmouth bass fishing. 

The Crater of Diamond State Park is just south of Murfreesboro. 
Camping is permitted on the area at designated campsites and in three Corp of Engineer campgrounds on the lakeshore.  
Restaurants and Other Facilities
Facilities are located in Murfreesboro, Kirby, and Daisy. 

Corp of Engineer campgrounds are equipped with graveled boat ramps. 
Due to the large network of Weyerhaeuser roads that run throughout the area it is recommended that anyone not familiar with the area obtain an area map from the AGFC office.