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NameFreddie Black Choctaw Island WMA Deer Research Area West Unit
WMA Zone132
County CoverageDesha
Seasons and Regulations
Turkey Season Closed
See Notes for hunt details.
Deer Modern Gun Youth Hunt: Nov. 15-16, Nov. 22-23, Nov. 29-30 and Dec. 6-7, 2014.
Bag Limit: Three deer, no more than one buck, which may include:
• One buck with modern gun youth permit,
• Two does with modern gun youth permit.
Deer Notes: No dogs allowed. No antler restrictions.
Deer Permit:
Deer hunting on this area is restricted to special permit hunts.
Click here for more information and to apply.
Nov. 1, 2014-Feb. 1, 2015. Daily limit - 6, possession limit -12. Bird dogs allowed.
Sept. 1, 2014-Feb. 28, 2015. Daily limit - 8, possession limit - 16. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts.
May 15, 2014-Feb. 28, 2015. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts. Daily limit - 12, possession limit - 48.
Sept. 1, 2014-Feb. 21,2015. Open Thursdays through Mondays. No limit.
  • Bear
  • Alligator
  • Elk
Area Notes:
  • Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA Deer Research Area West Unit does not flood and should remain open, independent of the East Unit.
  • Horses and mules are prohibited during deer season.
  • Beginning Saturday, Dec. 18, the Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA and Deer Research Area West Unit will be open for permit youth waterfowl hunts each Saturday for the remainder of waterfowl season.
  • Five online permits are drawn for each Saturday the area is open to waterfowl hunting. Only youth under the age of 16 may apply and a valid hunter education certificate is required. Each successful applicant can bring up to three additional youth hunters and must be accompanied by at least one supervising adult.
  • Hunters applying for the December 18 and 25 hunts must apply by November 28.
  • Hunters applying for the January 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 hunts must apply by December 26.
  • The successful draw notification will serve as the successful applicants entry permit, and a printed copy is required to enter any flooded or inundated area during the waterfowl season.
  • ATVs may be used for travel to duck holes and back from parking lot access only.
  • Waterfowl hunters may not enter inundated areas before 4 a.m., stop hunting by noon and be off the area by 1 p.m. (including opening days of season segments).
  • Airboats may not be operated within the Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA and Deer Research Area (both units, excluding the Mississippi River) during duck season.
Leased Land Permit RequiredNo