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NameFreddie Black Choctaw Island WMA Deer Research Area West Unit
WMA Zone132
County CoverageDesha
Seasons and Regulations
Turkey Season Closed
Deer Modern Gun (permit hunt): Nov. 7-8, 2015
Deer Modern Gun Youth Hunt (permit hunt): Nov. 21-22, Nov. 28-29, Dec. 5-6 and Dec. 12-13, 2015.
Bag Limit:
During permit hunt: Two antlerless deer.
During youth permit hunt:
Three deer, no more than one buck, which may include:
• One buck with modern gun youth permit,
• Two does with modern gun youth permit.
Deer Notes: No dogs allowed. No antler restrictions.
Deer Permit:
Deer hunting on this area is restricted to special permit hunts.
Click here for more information and to apply.
Nov. 1, 2015-Feb. 7, 2016. Daily limit - 6, possession limit -12. Bird dogs allowed.
Sept. 1, 2015-Feb. 29, 2016. Daily limit - 8, possession limit - 16. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts.
May 15, 2015-Feb. 29, 2016. Dogs allowed except during firearms deer hunts. Daily limit - 12, possession limit - 48.
Sept. 1, 2015-Feb. 21,2016. Open Thursdays through Mondays. No limit.
  • Bear
  • Alligator
  • Elk
Area Notes:
  • Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA Deer Research Area West Unit does not flood and should remain open, independent of the East Unit.
  • Horses and mules are prohibited during deer season.
  • Waterfowl hunters may not enter inundated areas before 4 a.m., stop hunting by noon and be off the area by 1 p.m. (including opening days of season segments).
  • Airboats may not be operated within the Freddie Black Choctaw Island WMA and Deer Research Area (both units, excluding the Mississippi River) during duck season.
Leased Land Permit RequiredNo