Sweet 16 WMA Permits 

Sixteen AGFC wildlife management areas have been set aside for specialized deer management to offer a variety of deer hunting experiences in the state.

In addition to drawn WMA deer hunts and WMA turkey hunts, which may be conducted on each area, hunters and trappers 16 and older must carry a free permit to hunt or trap any species on one of these “Sweet 16” WMAs. Sweet 16 permits are not required to participate in field trials on these areas.

This permit is used to gather contact information for everyone using the area, so biologists can conduct email surveys about hunter experiences and opinions on these WMAs. These free permits are available only at https://ar-web.s3licensing.com/, and expire June 30 each year.

Management Plans

Deer management on these WMAs focuses on both bucks and does. Doe numbers are managed to ensure a productive, balanced deer herd, while buck management will focus on improving the age structure of harvested bucks. Buck harvest will be focused on 3½-year old deer, to produce a healthier, higher-quality deer herd. Specialized antler restrictions are implemented on these areas to accomplish this goal.

In addition to hunter-use surveys, biologists collect a wide range of harvest data from each Sweet 16 WMA, including: harvest totals and biological information from harvested deer. Summer disease monitoring will ensure parasite loads are within acceptable levels.

Hunters and trappers 16 and older must have a Sweet 16 Permit before hunting or trapping on the following WMAs:
Ed Gordon Point Remove WMA
Hope Upland WMA
Mike Freeze Wattensaw WMA
Moro Big Pine Natural Area WMA
Bayou Meto WMA
Freddie Black Choctaw Island Deer Research WMA
Harold E. Alexander Spring River WMA
Shirey Bay Rainey Brake WMA
Dr. Lester Sitzes, III Bois D'Arc WMA
Sheffield Nelson Dagmar WMA 
Rick Evans Grandview Prairie WMA
Scott Henderson Gulf Mountain WMA
Trusten Holder WMA
Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA
Dave Donaldson Black River WMA
McIlroy Madison County WMA