Deer Hunting Zones 

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Results for: Deer Zone 1

2016-17 Deer Season Dates
Archery: Sept. 24-Feb. 28
Muzzleloader: Oct. 15-23 and Dec. 10-12
Private Land Antlerless Only Modern Gun Deer Hunt: Oct. 29-Nov. 2
Special Youth Modern Gun Deer Hunt: Nov. 5-6 and Jan. 7-8
Modern Gun: Nov. 12-Dec. 4 and Dec. 26-28

Statewide Bag Limit
Six deer, of which no more than two may be bucks. The statewide seasonal bag limit may be taken in any combination of zones or methods, as long as zone bag limits are not exceeded.

Zone Bag Limit
Five deer, which may include:
  • Two bucks with archery, muzzleloader or modern gun;
  • Five antlerless with archery;
  • Three antlerless with muzzleloader and modern gun combined.

Special Regulations

  • No dogs allowed for deer hunting in Deer Zone 1.
  • Button bucks count as antlerless deer.
  • No antler-point restrictions on harvest.
  • In Madison and Carroll counties, the following CWD regulations apply:
    • Feeding of wildlife prohibited, except:
      • Legal baiting on private land for hunting allowed Sept. 1-Dec. 31.
      • Food plots are allowed year-round.
      • Incidental feeding of wildlife within active livestock or agricultural operations is allowed.
      • Hand-feeding of wildlife is allowed.
      • Back yard birdfeeders, squirrel feeders and birdbaths are allowed.
      • Bait is allowed for approved AGFC management, research and control of wildlife.
      • Baiting bear on private land 30 days from the beginning of bear season until Sept. 1 is allowed only with the use of dog food, cat food, pastries/bread, cooking oil, non-wildlife meat scraps, popped popcorn, fish or fish byproducts.  
    • Deer and elk taken within the CWD management zone may not leave the zone, except:
      • deboned meat
      • antlers
      • cleaned skull plates
      • teeth
      • hides
      • taxidermy products