Deer Hunting Frequently Asked Questions 

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If I harvest a button buck, does it count as a buck or a doe?
It counts as a buck.
I really want to get my first deer and I can't seem to see any. Can you give me some tips?
Be patient. Remember to be quiet and keep the wind in your favor. Deer can show up at any time during the day, and are more likely to feed during the day as the weather gets colder. Find areas where deer feed and eventually they'll show up. Good luck!
Why is deer season open longer in some zones than others?
The simple answer is we have a wide variety of habitat across our state and differing numbers of deer in various zones. Different season dates and bag limits allow us to manage the deer population, thinning numbers where they are too high or protecting the herd where numbers are low.
Is it legal to hunt deer with a .50 caliber rifle like those used in the military?
You may use any centerfire rifle, revolver or pistol that isĀ 22 caliber or larger. You can't use military or full metal jacket ammunition.
If I shoot a deer and it runs off and dies on someone else's property how do I go about retrieving my deer?
You'll need to get permission from the property owner to search for and retrieve your deer.