Chronic Wasting Disease 

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Voluntary CWD Testing Sites for Opening Weekend

The AGFC will have biological sampling sites in 25 locations within the 10-county CWD Management Zone during opening weekend of the 2016 modern gun deer season (Nov. 12-13). Participation in these sites is completely voluntary, but hunters who provide harvested deer to be sampled will be given the results of CWD tests within a few weeks of submitting their deer. Biologists require a minimum of the deer’s head with 8 inches of neck attached to remove the tissue needed for the test. Hunters who wish to test their deer outside of this time frame or outside of the CWD Management Zone can download this list of veterinarians who have expressed interest in collecting and submitting CWD test samples for a fee.

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Chronic Wasting Disease in Arkansas

Chronic wasting disease was first detected in a 2½-year-old, hunter-harvested, female elk near Pruitt, about 12 miles east of Ponca. The elk was shot Oct. 6, 2015, but the samples from that annual testing group were not confirmed CWD positive until Feb. 23, 2016.

CWD was confirmed in Arkansas's white-tailed deer herd March 8, 2016, when a 2½-year-old female deer that was found dead near Boxley Valley tested positive for the disease.

The AGFC has completed its first phase of CWD monitoring, and has confirmed that the disease has a prevalence of 23 percent in Newton and Boone counties. Of 266 randomly collected wild deer, 62 were found to have the fatal disease.

Phase two of the CWD monitoring effort will be to determine how far the disease has spread in Arkansas. Wildlife biologists and wildlife officers across the state will collect road-killed deer and deer reported sick or dead from the public to test them for the disease.

If you see a deer or elk you suspect of having CWD, please report it at or call 1-800-482-9262.

Approved Chronic Wasting Disease Regulations

Map of CWD samples taken through Jan. 13, 2017. Click on image for larger view.  

Positive CWD cases found as of Jan. 13, 2017

County CWD-positive deer CWD-positive elk
Newton 123 5
Boone 7 0
Carroll 15 0
Madison 4 0
Marion 1 0
Pope 2 0
Searcy 0 1