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Three Ways to Check Deer or Turkey

  1. Online game checking | Link
  2. AGFC iPhone and Adroid app | Read How to Check a Deer Using the AGFC App
  3. Telecheck | Call toll-free, 866-305-0808

Tagging and Checking Deer or Turkey

Step 1:
Immediately upon taking a deer or turkey (before moving it), remove the appropriate deer or turkey tag from the license and complete all information except “Check #” legibly in ink. Fasten the tag to the ear or antler of a deer or leg of a turkey. The tag must remain with the animal until final processing and storage.

  • Hunters with disability licenses, 65 Plus Lifetime hunting licenses, hunters under 16 and Mississippi license holders hunting under the reciprocal hunting license agreement may use this game tag or substitute a piece of paper with their name and the date, time and zone number of harvest written legibly in ink.
  • Use the deer zone map for deer zone numbers.
  • Use the turkey zone map for turkey zone numbers.
  • Use the table at the beginning of the WMA section in the Arkansas Hunting Guidebook for WMA zone numbers.

Step 2:
Call 866-305-0808, use the AGFC smartphone app or log on to AGFC online checking to check your deer or turkey within 24 hours of harvest.

  • Entrails may be removed, but evidence of the animal’s sex must remain until checked. Deer may be quartered in the field, but the head must be kept with the rest of the animal until checked.
  • No big game animal may be transported across state lines before being checked.
  • If you give away all or a portion of your game after it has been checked, you must use a game transfer form.

Tagging and Checking a Bear

Step 1:
After harvesting a bear and before moving it, fill out this game tag in ink. You may substitute a piece of paper for this tag if it includes the hunter’s name and the date and zone number of harvest written legibly in ink.

Step 2:
Call (800) 440-1477 within 24 hours of harvest to check a bear. An AGFC employee will explain how to extract and mail a premolar tooth for aging.

For questions about checking game, call (800) 364-4263 ext. 6430, or e-mail AGFC Information.

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