Buying and Selling Furs 

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Licenses Needed to Buy and Sell Furs

  • A valid Arkansas Hunting License is required to sell pelts of harvested furbearers
  • A valid Resident Fur Dealer Permit ($50) or Nonresident Fur Dealer Permit ($100) is required to buy or resell furs in Arkansas unless you are an Arkansas resident purchasing tanned pelts, taxidermy mounts or whole carcasses of legally taken furbearers for personal use. Permits are available by calling 1-800-364-4263(GAME).

Possession and Tagging of Furbearer Pelts

  • Untanned pelts in a person’s possession must belong to a species of furbearer that has an open season in Arkansas.
  • Shipments of untanned pelts originating in Arkansas must display the name, address and license number of the shipper, date of shipment and the words “Fur Pelts” on the package.
  • Bobcat and river otter pelts must be tagged by an AGFC employee before being shipped out of state. Possession of untagged otter pelts from April 1 to the beginning of river otter hunting season is not allowed (except those taken with depredation permits).

Furbuyer Lists

Looking for a place to sell the fruits of your season? Click below for a list of Arkansas Furbuyers

Beaver Bounties

Furbearer hunters and trappers may be eligible for bounties on beavers if  they were taken in a county participating in an approved beaver control program.  Funding is provided by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission to participating County Conservation Districts. For more information about the program, visit the ANRC Beaver Control Program website.  The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission does not administer this program, but AGFC regulations regarding the methods of take, hunting and trapping seasons, and nuisance animal control regulations apply to all beaver trapping and hunting.