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To view bear hunting season dates and bag limits, click on the desired zone on the map or select the zone number from the drop-down menu. Zone details will appear below the map.

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2016 Bear Season Dates
Archery: Sept. 24-Nov. 30
Muzzleloader: Oct. 15-23
Special Youth Modern Gun Bear Hunt: Nov. 5-6
Modern Gun: Nov. 1-4 and Nov. 7-30

Statewide Bag Limit
One bear, either sex, statewide by any method.

Bear Zone Quota
Bear zone 1 has a quota of 205 bears for September and October combined, and a total quota of 250 bears.
Hunters must call 800-440-1477 the evening before the hunt to check the harvest number. The season will end the morning after the quota is reached or Nov. 30, whichever comes first.

Bait, foodstuffs or the use of any kind of lure to attract bears are not allowed except on private lands in bear zones from 30 days before the first bear season in that zone until the season ends or the quota is reached.