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Water BodyLittle Missouri River
Above Lake Greeson (Ouachita Zone Quality Stream) and downstream of Narrows Dam (trout management zone)
Area Specific Regulations
  • Above Lake Greeson, smallmouth bass daily limit is two and each must be at least 12 inches long to keep.
  • From Lake Greeson (Narrows) Dam to Ouachita River, smallmouth bass daily limit is one and must be 18 inches or longer to keep.
  • On the Narrows Tailwater (from 100 yards below Narrows Dam to the low-water bridge at Muddy Fork Road:
    • A trout permit is required.
    • Anglers may use no more than two fishing rods or poles and must attend them at all times. No other devices may be used to catch fish.
    • All brown trout must be released immediately.
  • In the following areas, trout must be released immediately. Only artificial lures with single, barbless hooks may be used (natural or scented baits are not allowed). Chumming is not allowed.
    • Narrows Catch-and-Release Area (100 yards below Narrows Dam to the upstream end of Riverside Park).
    • Narrows Summer Catch-and-Release Area (Upstream end of Riverside Park to the gas line crossing above River Ridge pool, May 1-Oct. 15).
    • Narrows Winter Catch-and-Release Area (300 yards downstream of Hinds Bluff Access to 300 yards upstream of Old Factory Site (Weir 2), Oct. 16-April 30).