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Water BodyCollins Creek
From its source in JFK Park to the confluence of the Little Red River. Catch-and-release area.
Area Specific Regulations
  • Trout must be released immediately.
  • Only artificial lures with a single, barbless hooking point shall be used (natural or scented baits are not allowed).
  • Chumming is not allowed.
  • Anglers may use no more than one fishing rod or pole, and must attend it at all times.
  • No other devices may be used to catch fish.
  • Fishing is allowed from sunrise to sunset.
  • Only youths under 16 may fish on Collins Creek from its source to the wooden vehicle bridge in JFK Park.
  • From the bridge to the Little Red River, fishing is restricted to youths under 16 or anglers over 16 accompanied by an actively fishing youth under 16.
  • Anglers 16 or older must have a valid fishing license and trout permit.