Aquatic Resources Education Program 

Education Aquarium




Mobile Aquariums

Four mobile aquariums are available free of charge for display at schools and qualifying community events, such as fairs, town festivals, outdoor shows and youth events. Millions of people have enjoyed our mobile aquariums, which feature native fish and turtles.

Fishing Derbies

The Fishing Derby Program provides a positive fishing experience for children, senior citizens and physically challenged individuals. The AGFC co-sponsors these events with organizations such as civic clubs, municipalities, other government agencies, churches, schools and nursing homes. Sponsors recruit volunteers and provide a public derby site. The Commission stocks the site with fish and provides technical guidance for the event.

Program Staff

Name | Title:Lea Gray | ARE Program Coordinator
Address:23 Joe Hogan Lane, Lonoke, AR 72086
Phone | Email:501-676-9506 | Email