Air Rifling (FBCEC)


This activity introduces the basic skills and safety precautions of air rifling. Participants will learn the 10 shooting safety rules, parts of the air rifle and how to operate it safely. After learning proper range etiquette, participants will practice shooting paper targets at close range.

Grade Level:

7 - 12

Recommended Setting:


Outdoor Activity:



Fred Berry Conservation Education Center, Yellville, AR


Education Program Coordinator, 870-449-3484


45 minutes - 1.5 hours

Suggested Number of Participants:

Up to 16


  • Demonstrate safety and handling techniques for air rifles.
  • Learn techniques of good marksmanship.
  • Participants will learn specific range rules.


  • Air rifles
  • BB’s or pellets
  • Shooting glasses
  • Targets
  • Materials for mounting targets (straw bales, cardboard boxes or stakes, line and clothespins to hang targets)


Target shooting with air rifles can be a safe and enjoyable pastime. An air rifle is a firearm and users must practice standard firearm precautions. Only trained instructors should teach the groups.


  1. Instruct participants in the 10 rules of gun safety (addendum to lesson).
  2. Using one of the class guns, point out the parts of the air rifle and demonstrate proper handling techniques.
  3. Demonstrate firing procedure and marksmanship technique.
  4. Explain proper conduct for the shooting range and emphasize that any violation means removal from the shooting range.
  5. Quiz participants on the above procedures. You may use a volunteer to assist.
  6. Proceed to the range. Point out the firing line and the waiting line. Each instructor may supervise one or two shooters at a time. No more than four shooters may approach the firing line at once. Be sure instructors and shooters are equipped with shooting glasses. Allow each shooter a designated number of shots. When they have completed firing and have been told by the instructor to do so, shooters may retrieve their targets.


What is the first rule of gun safety?


Participant Information Sheets:

Ten Rules of Gun Safety