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Laser Shot (JHARVNC)

TopicOutdoor Skills - Live Firing
This activity will introduce basic rifle handling, aiming and firing of the laser shot firearms. Participants will learn the 10 shooting safety rules. Next, the system software procedures will be explained.
Grade LevelK - 12
Recommended SettingPermanent machine to be used in multipurpose room; portable machine to be used in area large enough to shoot 15 feet from the screen
LocationJanet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Center, Fort Smith
Education Program Coordinator, 479-452-3993
Duration45 minutes to an hour
Suggested Number of ParticipantsUp to 30
Special Conditions
Availability of multipurpose room
  • Demonstrate proper safety and handling for laser shot firearms
  • Learn techniques of good marksmanship
  • Learn to follow instructions and software procedures

Laser shot equipment


Laser Shot is a training program used to teach individuals about firearms without live firing.  Participants learn gun safety, and aiming techniques through a computer generated laser gun activity.  The activity will help to sharpen hunting skills and reinforce gun safety.

  1. Instruct participants in the 10 rules of gun safety. (See participant worksheet below.)
  2. Using one of the laser shot firearms, point out the parts and demonstrate proper handling.
  3. Demonstrate firing procedure and marksmanship techniques.
  4. Demonstrate the system software procedures and games.
  5. One or two participants will play at the same time. (One is preferred, but time determines the number of players.)
  6. Firearms should always be in front of the class. Each participant will come up to the shooting line, choose a firearm and begin playing. Remember the safety rules.
  7. Observe participants’ handling of firearms and aiming techniques. Help participant with techniques, if needed.
  8. Once game is completed, participants will put the safety on and place the firearm back where they got it, pointed in a safe direction for the next participant to use.
  9. Participants can play until program time expires.
What is the first rule of gun safety?