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Arkansas Game and Fish Careers (GMHDRNC)

TopicAGFC - Careers
Is the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission just made up of biologists and game wardens? Find out what makes the commission operate and the careers associated with AGFC. Also, learn about other areas in which AGFC works that you may not have known.

Grade Level6 - 12
Recommended SettingIndoor or outdoor classroom
LocationGovernor Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center, Pine Bluff

Education Program Coordinator, 870-534-0011

Duration45 minutes - 1 hour
Suggested Number of Participants10 - 30
  • Show the job opportunities within AGFC.
  • Introduce jobs at AGFC other than biologists and wildlife officers.
  • Delve into the structure of AGFC and all the support positions.

Brochures and other printed materials representing divisions within AGFC


Who works for AGFC? What do they do? Who helps them get their job done? What other areas of jobs might there be? The AGFC offers more than just game management.


  1. Ask participants to consider the jobs commonly associated with the agency and consider the other positions that support these. Wildlife officers need supplies and need bills paid, they need people to work on equipment and to make the laws they enforce. They need someone to help them with computer problems and answer the phones and radio them when needed. They need help with their insurance and other benefits. Encourage participants to think of other jobs needed at AGFC.
  2. Allow time to answer questions.
  • It takes lots of people and functions to make a job work. Name AGFC jobs that you already knew about.
  • Name jobs at AGFC that you didn’t know existed.
  • What other kind of positions might there be now or in the future that were not discussed