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Program Overview

"Becoming an Outdoors-Woman" is an outdoors skills workshop for women. The objective is to provide a non-threatening atmosphere where women can have fun learning skills that will enhance their enjoyment of Arkansas’s outdoors.

This workshop is for you if:
  • You have never tried these activities, but have hoped for an opportunity to learn.
  • You are a beginner who wants to learn and improve your skills.
  • You know how to do some of the activities and wanted to try some new ones.
  • You are looking for the camaraderie of like-minded individuals.

The workshop is held at the C.A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center located about 15 miles west of Little Rock. Classes begin at noon on Friday and end at noon on Sunday. Participants will pick four classes, one on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Workshop Date

The 2014 workshop dates are September 12-14, 2014. Please check back June 2014 for the application and a detail of 2014 classes.

Workshop Class Descriptions

Intro to Firearms and Firearm Safety | A

This class will cover types of firearms, firearm safety, how to select/purchase and how to care for firearms. Firearm handling will be included in this class. This class will not include any range shooting, but is a pre-requisite for anyone who has not had hunter education or shooting experience and wishes to register for any of the shooting classes.

Basic Fishing Skills | B
This class will offer hands-on instruction for choosing equipment as well as landing the fish. Learn the types of equipment available, knot tying, bait selection and loading a reel. Lots of on-lake fishing time using spinning rods and bait casting equipment. Equipment is provided, but you may bring your own.
High Ropes Course | C
A jungle gym in the trees provides an opportunity to challenge you at all levels mentally, emotionally and physically. You do not have to be an athlete to enjoy this class. The class offers an opportunity for personal awareness and confidence produced within a sharing and supportive environment. All safety equipment for this class provided.
Basic Motor Boat Skills | D
You will learn the basics of boating safety, how to back a boat trailer and how to operate various types of motorboats. You will have an opportunity to actually operate boats on the water and learn trailering first hand.
GPS 101 (Global Positioning System) | E
Lost no more! Learn how to use this modern device and satellites to find your way. Whether hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or biking, this is an excellent tool. All equipment will be provided for you to plot a course and find your way using this modern technology.
Introduction to Scuba Diving | F
Bring your swimsuit, get your feet, hands and head wet learning if this exciting underwater sport is for you. You will have classroom time and also time poolside learning the proper way to use the equipment and about diving. This is not a certification class, but an introductory class to the sport of scuba diving.
Stream Ecology | G
Learn about the streams and the critters that live there. This hands-on class will take you to the stream, teach you the ecology of a stream and how to protect and take care of that stream. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting wet.
Turkey Hunting and Wild Game Calling | H
Learn about the wild turkey and its habits while you learn to call turkeys on a variety of calls. Pick up techniques to call in big game such as elk and deer. Find out what you need to know to become a world champion duck caller. Learn the calls that make the predators curious. Calling animals is fun!
Trees and Keys | I
Meet the Trees in the Forest. The participants in the class will learn the basic leaf shapes, basic bark patterns, and branching patterns. Students will learn to use their five senses to identify trees and shrubs common to the teaching area. Handouts provided will show leaf shapes, leaf margins, leaf bases, and leaf tips. You will learn about the uses of the plant by man and animals. There will be hands-on outdoor identification time.
Basic Camping Skills and Backpacking Basics | J
Did you ever wish you knew how to put up a tent, build a campfire, pack an ice chest and what supplies to take camping? Learn all these skills and more in this class. This class will get you started learning about backpacking. Learn how to pack a backpack, filter water, use a backpacking stove and much more. This is a learn-by-doing class, so come ready to have some fun.
Beginning Archery | K
Learn archery techniques for target shooting and bow hunting. Learn about all types of bows, arrows and the latest archery equipment. Participants will have an opportunity for lots of hands-on bow shooting at an array of targets.
Basic Fishing Skills | L
This class will offer hands-on instruction for choosing equipment as well as landing the fish. Learn the types of equipment available, knot tying, bait selection and loading a reel. Lots of on-lake fishing time using spinning rods and bait casting equipment. Equipment is provided, but you may bring your own.
Birding Technology | M

Birdwatchers have long headed into the woods with little more equipment than binoculars and a notebook. Though that still works the technology of today has added new and fun ways to experience bird watching. Equipment such digital cameras, Smartphone apps and hand-held palm devices for bird identification bring new dimensions to experience. Learn how the electronic world has enhanced birding and how citizens play an important role in collecting scientific birding data. This class will also include information on the practice of capturing, banding and releasing birds. 

Rifle Markswomanship | N and U
You will be coached on rifle shooting techniques and learn to shoot from different positions. You will learn about different rifles, their components and ammunitions. While learning on .22 rifles, you will have an opportunity to shoot a variety of other rifles. This is a hands-on class. Note: Class A in Session I, Hunter Education or prior gun handling experience is a pre-requisite to attend this class.
Beginning Flyfishing | O and KK
Learn the basics of casting and fly presentation, types of flies, selection of equipment plus basic knowledge and understanding of fly-fishing. This hands-on class will offer fishing on the lake at the 4-H Center. Equipment is provided, but participants may bring their own.
Dutch Oven Cooking | P and V
From seasoning to storing, learn how to prepare delicious recipes in this old fashioned cooking vessel. Be prepared to not only cook all types of dishes in the Dutch oven, also to enjoy the delectable dishes you prepared. Come hungry.
Nature Crafts | Q and W
Learn about nature while crafting some exciting take home projects. This is a hands-on class utilizing Mother Nature’s gifts to make fun and exciting gifts and decorations. Learn projects that will give you a better understanding of the natural world around us.
Canoe and Kayak Paddling | R and Z
Learn basic paddling strokes, techniques and about equipment for both the canoe and kayak. Safety instruction that is important to this sport will be included. You will have an opportunity to try out your newly learned skills in both kayaks and canoes on the lake at the 4-H center.
Pioneer Woman Skills | S
Learn the skills of the women of yesteryear who helped blaze the trail west. Participants will learn to throw a tomahawk and build a fire with flint and steel. You will learn about trade goods and items used in that era and what it takes to be a pioneer woman.
Make Your Own Turkey Call | T
The place where the workshop meets the woods. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the various types of turkey calls, wood and materials, and tools needed for handcrafting their own unique functional calls. You will learn basic techniques of woodworking for making box calls, slate or glass friction calls and scratch box calls. You will also learn how to make a wingbone call or cane yelper. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a call they have crafted that is both ready for the spring woods and a piece of art. Gobble Gobble!
ATV Ridercourse | X and FF
This hands-on class emphasizes safety relating to riding an ATV (4 Wheeler). Learn about proper gear, environmental concerns, pre-ride inspections as well as proper maneuvers of these popular vehicles. You will learn to enjoy riding and handling an ATV in a proper and safe manner. ATVs will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their own.
Fly Tying Basics | Y
Learn to tie your on flies to catch those lunkers. This hands-on class provides all the supplies and equipment needed for the class and you will take home the flies and techniques you learn in the class.
Shotgunning Basics | AA and HH
Learn shotgunning techniques with an emphasis on hunting and shooting sports. Learn proper stance and shooting techniques. There will be plenty of shooting practice at clay targets on the shotgun range. Shotgun and shells are provided. Note: Class A in Session I, Hunter Education or prior gun handling experience is a prerequisite to attend this class.
Wild Plants and their Uses | BB and MM
Experience searching for the wild herbs and plants of the area. Identify the uses of these plants as food, medicine and essential oils. Learn about the plants useful for everyday life. Wear comfortable shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.
Beginning Bass Fishing | CC
This class will offer hands-on instruction for choosing equipment as well as landing a lunker bass. Learn the types of equipment available, knot tying, choosing bait and loading a reel. Lots of on-lake fishing time using different types of equipment. Equipment is provided, but participants may bring their own.
Introduction To Falconry | DD and NN
Discover the world of raptors. Learn the laws and best practices of falconry. Learn how to properly care for and hunt with a hawk. Have your picture taken with a hawk. The class will be an instructional setting outside. If conditions allow, those who want go on an actual hunt with the instructor and the hawk may at the end of the class.
Becoming An Outdoors Kid | EE
According to the National Wildlife Federation, our kids are out of shape, tuned out and stressed out, because they’re missing something essential to their health and development: connection to the natural world. This class is designed to help YOU be a part of a campaign to save our children from “nature-deficit” disorder. Learn how to help a child become an “Outdoor Kid” with hands-on activities designed for family time and kids-only time.
Birdwatching and Watchable Wildlife | GG
Watching wildlife and birding can be a challenge. Learning proper skills for this hobby can make your outings even more pleasurable. In this class you will learn how to properly use binoculars and field guides, the best places and times to watch wildlife and techniques that will make your trips outdoors more pleasurable. Plan to hike the area to learn bird spotting techniques and identifying various bird calls. Binoculars and field guides are provided, but you may bring your own.
Outdoor Photography | II
Learn techniques, how-to and how-not-to on a variety of digital cameras. Bring your digital camera and learn techniques about photo storage, backup and organization, techniques for taking great shots of animals, plants and landscapes. Participants will be given time to practice what they have learned. Class will view photos and receive critiques at the end of the class.
Beginning Bowhunting | JJ
Learn about equipment and techniques needed to successfully bow hunt. Tree stands, blood trailing, shot placement and lots of practice with equipment will be a part of this class. 3-D archery course included. Equipment will be provided, but participants may bring their own.
Geocaching | LL
Want to go on an outdoor treasure hunt? This is the class for you. You will be given instruction on using a GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate caches (treasures) located on the 4-H property. You will partner up, be given instruction on using the GPS unit and be off to hunt for treasures. A fun lifelong hobby is waiting for you in this class. Geocaching is an international hobby that is taking the world by storm. GPS units provided.
Deer Hunting 101 | OO
Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the white-tailed deer and its habits. You will learn to scout for deer, learn about equipment, camouflage and set up techniques to improve your chances of harvesting, viewing or photographing these magnificent animals.