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Aquatic Resources Education Program
AREThe purpose of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Aquatic Resources Education Program is to increase public awareness and understanding of our natural resources and our aquatic ecosystems, to enhance participation in sportfishing, and to develop responsible attitudes toward our aquatic environment. Outreach efforts like the Mobile Aquarium Program, the Fishing Derby Program, the Classroom Aquarium Program, the Tackle Loaner Program, and the Fishing Seminar/Clinic Program take and aggressive approach to introducing fishing and aquatic appreciation to Arkansans of all ages.
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Arkansas Acres for Wildlife Program

Arkansas Acres for Wildlife is an important segment of the AGFC-Cooperative Extension Service's wildlife enhancement program. It encourages landowners to preserve or create wildlife habitat by setting aside at least one acre of their holdings for the benefit of wildlife.

Landowners who want to help wildlife will find the Arkansas Acres for Wildlife program ready to work for them. Almost all land in Arkansas is eligible. Ineligible lands are those in cities, towns, parks and recreation areas, and public wildlife management areas where wildlife management is already the primary use of the land.

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Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program
Arkansas National Archery in the Schools ProgramThe Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program – part of the National Archery in the Schools Program – targets students as young as fourth grade and as old as high school seniors. They learn archery skills, as well as an outdoor hobby they may enjoy for the rest of their lives. 

Archery is fun and beneficial in many ways, but it’s also relatively inexpensive and simple. ANASP requires a Genesis bow with a universal draw length and a wide range of draw weights. It works for just about everyone, right- or left-handed. Young archers love this bow, which comes in a variety of colors.
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Arkansas Stream Team Program
Arkansas Stream Team LogoThe Arkansas Stream Team program is an opportunity for all concerned citizens to get involved in river, stream and watershed conservation efforts here in The Natural State. Through education, stewardship, and advocacy, the program encourages safe use of Arkansas’ streams, rivers, springs and bayous. Stream Teams in Arkansas help control litter, work on streambank stabilization projects, improve fish habitat, and monitor water quality.
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Arkansas Water Trails Program
Arkansas Water TrailsPaddling sports are among the fastest growing recreational activities in the United States. Arkansas Water Trails develops public paddling trails throughout the state, creating well-mapped accessible day trips in a variety of settings and for all levels of paddling experience.
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Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program
Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports The Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program (AYSSP) aims to bring the joy of the outdoors and the rewards of safely learning to shoot to young Arkansans.

The AYSSP has two divisions: junior and senior. The junior division is for grades 6-8 and the senior division is for grades 9-12. Home-schooled students compete in the division they would be in if they were in public school. Home-schooled students 15 or older must compete in the senior division. Trap shooting is the sanctioned sport of the AYSSP. The season begins February 1 and ends July 31.
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Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program
Becoming an Outdoors-Woman logo"Becoming an Outdoors-Woman" is an outdoors skills workshop for women. The objective is to provide a non-threatening atmosphere where women can have fun learning skills that will enhance their enjoyment of Arkansas outdoors.

The workshops are held at the C.A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center is located about 15 miles west of Little Rock near the community of Ferndale. This 228 acre center is a modern, comfortable conference facility in the heart of forested mountains, providing an ideal location for learning outdoors skills.
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Black Bass Program
Black Bass Program The Black Bass Programsmain focus can be summarized into enhancing bass fishing opportunities for anglers through bass research, assisting other fisheries biologists, habitat improvement, and administering the Arkansas Tournament events. Information collected is used to calculate Fishing Quality Indicators for lakes and fishing clubs participating in the program.
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Deer Management Assistance Program
Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP)The Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) provides technical assistance to landowners and hunting clubs to improve deer populations. Biologists work with land managers to assess habitat quality and the potential to support a healthy, well-balanced deer herd. They evaluate historic, present and future deer management efforts and meet with clubs and land managers to explain options and expected results. They also train club members to correctly collect data on harvested and observed deer.
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Family and Community Fishing Program
Family and Community Fishing ProgramThe Family and Community Fisheries Program works to enhance or create destinations in urban areas, so that excellent fishing is available within a stone’s throw of all Arkansans. We often partner with city parks and recreation departments to enhance park facilities that are conveniently located near inner-city residents. Our efforts include sampling fish populations, aquatic habitat improvements, setting harvest restrictions, and stocking thousands of pounds of fish each year.
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Geocaching Program
Using a GPS unit, a geocacher places a cache and posts the coordinates on a geocaching web site. Other geocachers search for the cache. When searchers find the cache, they may take an item (a toy car, a baseball cap, a deck of cards, a key chain, etc.), leave an item and sign the logbook. They post their experiences on the web site so others can follow the history of the cache.
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More Info:Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs Program
Hooked on Fishing - Not on Drugs logoThe AGFC brought HOFNOD to Arkansas in 1997 with guidance from the Arkansas Department of Education. Today, HOFNOD students learn about aquatic life, the importance of clean waterways, conservation and stewardship – they also get to go fishing. 

HOFNOD is a school-based program designed to support fishing clubs in the schools. The curriculum is aligned to the Department of Education standards.
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Master Angler Award Program
Arkansas's Master Angler Award Program, which started in 1985, recognizes anglers who catch trophy size fish that meet demanding minimum weight requirements, but are not state records. There are eight categories. In the program: black basses, sunfish; crappie, pikes and true perches, catfish; trout, true basses and rough fish.
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Project WILD
Project WILDProject WILD is an education program rooted in nature that helps educators bring the outdoors to their students. Free workshops matching state and national teaching frameworks offer valuable education and lesson plans about the natural world. Materials are available for teachers of any age group from kindergarten through 12th grade.
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Trout Program
Although trout have been managed in Arkansas since the early 1950's, AGFC’s formal trout program did not begin until 1985 when the first biologist dedicated to trout management was hired. Since that time the Trout Management Program (TMP) has grown in an effort to keep pace with the increasing popularity of the state’s trout resources. This program is responsible for oversight, planning, and conducting all trout management in Arkansas to include routine monitoring and research.
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Wings Over Arkansas Program
Wings Over ArkansasWings Over Arkansas is an award-based program recognizing bird watchers’ contributions to Arkansas’s outdoors. Start a checklist of birds you've seen and receive a decorative pin and certificate identifying your level of birding experience.
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