Use of Fine Revenue 

Enforcement Ticket

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Program Overview

Fine money collected from AGFC game law convictions never leaves the county where it was collected. Instead, the money is used to fund educational programs focused on fish, wildlife and conservation in the counties where the offenses occurred.

Each county’s quorum court allocates all fine money to their school districts and conservation districts according to Arkansas Code Annotated 6-16-1101 and ACA 15-41-209. The AGFC and the ADE do not have a role in determining which programs are funded. School and conservation district officials must contact their local quorum court with requests for fine revenue and suggestions concerning the best method to distribute funding.

Fine money may be used only for AGFC programs. The Arkansas Department of Education and AGFC have established school programs for fish and wildlife conservation and for other purposes consistent with the AGFC’s mission.

Programs that Meet Funding Criteria

The following AGFC programs meet the criteria for funding:

  • Arkansas Has It All workshops and professional development for teachers
  • Arkansas Stream Team Program
  • Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program
  • Boating Education
  • Hooked on Fishing-Not on Drugs
  • Hunter Education
  • On Target For Life - Archery P.E. Program (additional matching money is available through AGFC)
  • School Yard Habitat Site Development
  • Watchable Wildlife
  • Project WILD Workshops
  • Wings Over Arkansas
  • 4-H Arkansas Outdoor School (AOS). For more information, contact the AOS Coordinator at at C.A. Vines Arkansas 4-H Center, (501) 821-6884.
  • Specialized AGFC conservation education/educator training workshops focused on the programs above (a partnership with county conservation districts). Contact Pat Knighten at AGFC, (870) 917-2085

Funds also may be used by educators to take students on field trips to AGFC Nature Centers and Conservation Education Centers.