Potlatch Conservation Education Center at Cook's Lake 

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Courses offered to students and teachers cover a wide range of subjects programmed around wetlands and bottomland hardwood habitats. Examples of study subjects include: macroinvertebrate collecting and identification from the lake, reservoir, leaf litter, or a rotting log; basic compass, orienteering, and GPS; mammals of Arkansas using skulls and pelts, mastodons of the past, and the Ivory-billed Woodpecker habitat.

Birding activities, nature walks, and general sight seeing is available. Please call (870)241-3373 in advance to make reservations.

Planning Your Visit

  • Book your date-first come, first served basis.
  • State your specific topics you would like covered during your visit to PCEC. We can help you decide what activities would be appropriate to compliment your course of study.
  • Pre-trip packet will be mailed to teacher. This includes copy of Medical Form and Statement of Responsibility Form that each student must have completed and other helpful hits for a successful off-site learning experience. A list of programs available at PCEC will be included to aid you in future activity selection.

Special Programs

Deer Hunts
Youth Hunts and Mobility Impaired Hunts are held in December. These hunts are coordinated by the USFWS at the White River National Wildlife Refuge at St. Charles, with the Cook's Lake being the host site. Click here for more information about these hunts.

Scouting Programs
PCEC can facilitate 15 different badges and activities for the scouting programs. On-site fishing and camping for scouts can usually be scheduled.

Teacher Workshops
Workshops covering PCEC curriculum or special requested subject areas are provided by the PCEC staff. These are usually one-day workshops, but can cover two days, depending on the materials covered. Six in-service educational hours are granted for one-day workshops, with scheduling dates for workshops set for the convenience of participating schools.

Click here to find out about Educator Training classes that are currently scheduled at different locations around the state.