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Tornado debris burning not allowed on AGFC property

MAYFLOWER – The April 27 Mayflower tornado devastated many homes around the Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir. Questions have been raised about burning debris on Arkansas Game and Fish Commission property surrounding the lake.

AGFC District Lake Manager Matt Horton said that burning of any kind is not allowed on AGFC property surrounding the lake. “We understand that several landowners, living adjacent to Lake Conway, have been impacted by the devastation of the storm and are burdened with having to clean up tornado debris. However, the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality prohibits the burning of debris created by the tornado, which includes any debris piled on the shoreline of Lake Conway,” Horton explained.

Burning of the debris could lead to contaminate runoff into the lake causing a negative impact to water quality and health of the lake’s fishery, Horton says. “AGFC personnel continue to pick up debris and trash from the lake and surrounding shoreline. Another large scale coordinated debris pick up effort is scheduled for the week of June 16, and will primarily focus on the 5 miles of shoreline on the east side of the lake, extending from the Greens Lake area north to Adams Lake Landing,” he said.

The 6,700-acre lake is the largest AGFC-owned lake and the largest lake ever constructed by a state wildlife agency. Because of its large size, central location and excellent fishing, it has been one of the state's favored fishing spots since it was built on Palarm Creek in 1948. It was the first lake constructed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.